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“New Visa Available to Foreign-Born Parents of Australian Citizens”

05 December | © Hames Freeman SBWire

“The Government in Australia has recently introduced a new visa in which will enable Australian citizens to bring their foreign-born parents to Australia on a temporary basis.

The temporary sponsored parent visa will come into action on November 17th, with 15,000 visas available annually. The cost of these visas has not been announced as of yet, however it has been anticipated that they will cost between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on the length of time that foreign-born parents wish to stay in Australia.

To be eligible for these new visas it is going to be imperative that those wishing to stay in Australia have private health insurance, as well as having financial support from their children. Other requirements may also have to be met.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has said that these visas are being made available to help families reunite with each other without adding extra cost to the health system.”

“Immigrants’ elderly parents required to get private health insurance under new visa terms”

12 NOVEMBER | © Stephanie Anderson ABC News

“The aged parents of immigrants in Australia will have to get private health insurance and financial backing from their children before being able to access a new temporary visa being introduced by the Government.

Key points:
Temporary sponsored parent visa to be in place by July 2017. New requirements aim to protect health system from extra costs. Program available to parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible NZ citizens. Assistant Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said the new temporary sponsored parent visa, which allows people to visit family in Australia for five years at a time, will be in place by July 2017.

Mr Hawke told reporters in Sydney the Government wanted the new visa program to be more affordable than current arrangements without burdening the taxpayer”

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